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We’re Here To Help!


We fully explain, and willingly educate you every step of the way, and on all of your consumer/credit rights

  • We work with you and on your behalf, assisting you in exercising all of your legal rights aswe restore your credit
  • We will effectively address Credit Reporting Agency and Collection Agency harassment.  (if you are experiencing this) 
  • Our Credit Restoration is personalized/customized for your effective credit clean up

We have two credit restoration packages, and when you call, I’ll suggest the best one for you.

Our unique complete credit restoration Includes:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) follow up letters
  • Deletion of bad & inaccurate credit entries on your credit report
  • Cease & Desist Letters and Validation of Debt letters (addressing credit collection on “charged off” debts, harassment, methods/rules of contact..)
  • Validation of Debt



How it works

During the credit cleanup process with our help, one of the major steps we will be taking is to dispute any negative marks on your credit reports. Traditionally we have been successful in a 75%-85% removal rate for our clients.

Here’s how:  The credit bureaus are required to investigate your claim and resolve it within 30 business days. Therefore, if they are unable to prove, have not removed, and/or contacted you in that amount of time, we apply FTC follow up letters to effectively gain the removal. The result of having less negative items on your credit report, is improved overall credit.

There is nothing covert or magical and yes, you can approach it yourself.  However, there are some challenges to going that route, and going-it-alone may prove difficult and might not be the best course to take – for everyone.

Here is one major factor:  There exists an intimidating situation portrayed by the Credit Reporting Agencies, confusing you about your rights.

We have found that most people are, in fact, confused about their rights and/or how to implement the procedure of the law (which is on your side) to accomplish cleaning up a bad credit history.

Another factor is this:  Debt and poor credit in itself is already a stressful situation.  (Stress and confusion is usually not a very good jumping off point).



If you are not sure about which road to take, please call us for a completely free consult.  We are only here to help. We are on your side, and we’ll take the load off your shoulders with 16 years of experience in proper credit restoration procedure and as advocates of The Fair Credit Reporting Act (1970) on your behalf.

*Our services are Flat-fee, not a monthly fee program nor a do-it-all-on-your-own program ~ we will be working together throughout, on your credit restoration.  In other words, you are in the loop on each step, for your beneficial education, but we will fully prepare all the documents for you, and, we will always be reachable by phone if you have any questions.

*I have a payment program in place if you need it, and a money back guarantee on my services to ensure that you are satisfied (even if it’s 6 months later).

*I also think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the price of our service

The first step is simply to arrange your free consultation and get your questions answered.




Bad Credit Entries Deleted In 30 day

Cease & Desist Letter

Effective Credit Restoration & Clean Up