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Hello!  A loving friend may have referred you here to help you.

Therefore, let me introduce myself…My name is William Ikemba Crowley and I help people get back on track financially with credit restoration improving their credit, substantially.

My organization is called National Credit Restoration Assistance.

My service is personalized, one-on-one, and effective.  (It is also an education which will help you throughout the rest of your life).  It is Flat-fee, not a monthly fee program with slow (or worse!) no results (beware) nor a do-it-all-on-your-own program ~ we will be working together throughout, on your credit restoration.

I have a payment program in place if you need it, and a money back guarantee on my services to ensure that you are satisfied (even if it’s 6 months later).

Right now there is a deep discount on our services, so I hope you will take advantage of this and make this a financially empowered year for yourself with good credit again.

We’ve helped hundreds; we can help you!

Simply call me to get started, and schedule your Free Consultation today!



Not ready for credit repair at this time?  Well, you can help a friend and prosper yourself too, because I offer a generous fee for referrals.  It’s simply called word-of-mouth advertising and I am happy to offer this to those passing on my information. Perhaps you might know someone who needs help with credit restoration?

(Please read all details below).

Simply pass on my website link and if your friend/family uses my Credit Restoration service, I will pay you $50 for each one who does.  Your friend will need to give me your name and phone number or name and email address, as their “referred by” person, when I ask them if they were referred by anyone.  (Make sense?  Quite simply, it is so I can contact you to pay you).

**I do ask that you please follow this procedure for referring:  Contact me.  Send an email to: before sharing (or immediately after) and tell me how you shared (or how you intend to share) my info.  i.e. in a direct email, on your Facebook or through Facebook messaging. (This is so I can make a note of your name/info and will recognize it when your friend tells me you referred them).  If you use Facebook to pass my info on, please message me there and send me a copy of the post or message you shared.  I will contact you to see where I can mail the check (when someone you know purchases my service).

Here is my Facebook page and link